Selected materials of the the Cold War History Research Center

Annual International Student Conferences

held at Corvinus University of Budapest


Babak ARZANI, 2012 (Azad University of Najaf Abad, Esfahan): The Iran-Iraq War: A Cold War Proxy War

Tamás Péter BARANYI, 2012 (ELTE): "Measured by the Millimeter" - Hungary and the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Ferenc DÁVID, 2012 (PTE): The Hungarian Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Structure in the Cold War era

Dóra HORVÁTH, 2010 (Corvinus University of Budapest): Austria - Balance at the time of the Cold War

Victoria JONES, 2012 (Clemson University): The Responsibility to Protect

Thomas KOLLMANN, 2012 (University of Bristol): Nuclear Madness Revisited: What was special about the Brazil–West German Nuclear Accord of 1975?

Roman KOZIEL, 2012 (University College, London): The Rise of National Communism in Poland and Czechoslovakia 1945–1956

Melinda KRAJCÁR, 2012 (ELTE): The National Security Council and the Korean Decision

Marja LAHTINEN, 2012 (University of Tampere): The regime transition in Czechoslovakia: Will the past experiences have an impact on the democratization process?

Oskar MULEJ, 2012 (CEU): Armed Anti-Communist Resistance in Slovenia 1945-50

Roland PAPP, 2012 (Corvinus University of Budapest): The independence of Estonia and the Russian speaking minority

Iji O. SOLOMON, 2012 (McDaniel College): The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and the Whims of Soviet Power

Dóra Ilona VERESS, 2012 (Corvinus University of Budapest): Opening the Austrian-Hungarian border on September 11, 1989






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